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Consultancy Services

Market and Feasibility Studies on Hotel/Resorts/Restaurants/Spa

  • Market area analysis of primary and secondary competitors
  • Market area demand analysis and forecasted demand patterns
  • Complete area overview of city/location
  • Economic overview of immediate area
  • Conclusions on market opportunity within the identified segment

Financial feasibility, Market feasibility and branding study

  • Market area supply and demand analysis
  • Area overview of city/location
  • Economic overview of immediate area
  • Segment overview
  • Business model with forecast investment return
  • Site and support cluster information
  • Branding and brands available
  • Optimal hotel brand and information on brand standards and cost profile

Master Planning Consultancy

We believe that any investors or owners contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear master plan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved.

Our approach is to achieve four main objectives:

  • Align the site with a clear strategy based on the feasibility study and justification for capital investment which clearly highlights the benefits to the business
  • Thoroughly assess the gaps with the current site and its readiness to achieve the objectives set out by its management team
  • Set out a phased capital investment over an agreed time period with cash flow and risk analysis which is clearly presented
  • Provide a project brief to the architect and work towards a conclusion of the master plan

Brand Creation / Brand Identity Consultancy

Hotel/Resort/ Restaurant brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of hospitality ventures. One must either be purchased through a franchise license agreement or membership or created independently. A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. Creation of a brand is something Adorn Hospitality Services can provide to investors and owners based on the brief of expectation and market environment study, all deliverables including brand identity manual.

  • Review of competitive brand environment both current and future in target markets
  • Proposed brand positioning in relation to the competitive set
  • Identification and audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics
  • Brand Vision statement which will be the call to action & road map to vision execution
  • Brand Mission statement which is the Brand pillars which form the foundation of the brand
  • Brand points of difference in product, service, pricing and distribution versus the brand competitive set
  • Brand name and logo
  • Brand promise and mantra
  • Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion or rebranding consistency
  • Development road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts and investment positions
  • Brand Manual preparation including Operations/HR/Finance/Sales/Marketing/PR /Revenue Management/ Pre-opening processes
  • Brand job profiles
  • Brand training programs
  • Full brand identity Manual

Management Services

Management Contract

We manage independent Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Bar & Spa on behalf of investors and owners. Our Management of new or existing properties, with responsibility for all operating standards and financial performance. Clients can provide their own brand or choose Adorn Hospitality. Services Includes

-   Accurate and sustainable market positioning

-   Increasing cash flow by maximizing revenue and controlling expenses

-   Business planning with detailed marketing plans, budgets and capital improvements, if appropriate

-   Providing support and assistance to the management team in carrying out the business plan

-   Reports on progress and areas in need of attention

-   Quality control procedures and guest satisfaction evaluations

-   Renovating and refurbishing, if needed, in order to enhance both market appeal and operating efficiencies

Technical Services

We recommend project owners to get us involved as early as possible for the project as it will help set smoother operations, meet the target date of opening or launching of the project and financially profitable to the owners. For the scope of services we provide the followings:

  • Feasibility study
  • Hotel/resort and facilities brief
  • Consulting during design and build stages of the project
  • Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
  • Developing of food and beverage operating concepts
  • Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel
  • Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment
  • Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan

Operational Management

Setting and maintaining standards of excellence is the cornerstone of sound operational management. From the day-to-day administration of front desk activities, housekeeping and food and beverage services to providing management leadership, Adorn takes every aspect of operational control seriously.

Sales & Marketing, PR, Revenue Management & Reservation Services

Under the Management agreement with Adorn , we will provide key sales, marketing & reservation support. At the corporate and the individual property level, our sales and marketing professionals are focused on building strong revenue for properties and they strategically approach the assessment of target markets, development of innovative programs, effective execution and measuring results. The sales and marketing plan for each property is developed in sync with the annual business plan and is integrated with corporate and brand-specific sales and marketing efforts. Adorn recruits marketing and sales professionals with local knowledge and with proven track records of success, and Adorn has an effective process for sales and marketing management.

Development Services

Adorn's development services are custom designed for each client. Our development and management experience makes us ideally suited to assist with hotel development projects from feasibility study to pre-opening and opening. We also coordinate all the construction requirements of property improvement plans (PIPs) and major renovation/re-branding requirements.

  • Identification of potential markets
  • Due diligence requirements and surveys
  • Site assessment.
  • Coordinate and analyze feasibility, engineering and environmental studies
  • Concept and master planning and property improvement planning
  • Engage consultants, design coordination, review and approval process
  • Hotel brand standards coordination, reviews and approvals
  • Interior design coordination, specifications and budget
  • Construction tendering, contracts, and contract administration, monthly cost control and reporting
  • Quality control, inspections and closeout documentation
  • Purchase, delivery and install coordination of furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Complete integration with Adorn’s Pre-opening Operations team

Pre opening Services

Our pre-opening experience spans the entire gamut of hotel operations from sales, accounting and human resources. Through extensive market research, both before and during the management takeover, Adorn ensures that the process flows smoothly and the right decisions are made for both the hotel and its investors.

  • Develop effective rate strategies & market positioning strategy
  • Prepare pre-opening budget and business plan
  • Create and implement pre-opening sales, marketing and public relations action plans
  • E-commerce pre-sell service and hotel corporate image & web design
  • Prepare and implement critical path action plan
  • Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Recruit and train all personnel
  • Develop employee benefits programs
  • Implement standards and procedures
  • Establish detailed action plans for all departments
  • Support with the selection of suppliers of all areas

Human Resource Services

Perhaps more than any other industry, successful hotel management relies on quality human contact at every stage of service. Adorn has the expertise to maximize the potential of your human resource investment. And definitely sees the value in developing Human Resources